Suppliers to Dispensaries, Pharmacies & Primary Care in Mainland UK
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About MediP

Welcome to MediP, your dedicated partner in healthcare excellence. In a world dominated by online transactions, we prioritise personalised care. Beyond being a mere supplier, we're your trusted provider for dispensary and primary care supplies.

Providing exceptional value and flexible solutions, benefit from our extensive product range, fast delivery, personalised pricing, and straightforward invoicing to ensure unparalleled service.

Our commitment extends to environmental responsibility too. Amid concerns about climate change and waste plastics, we actively source from responsible suppliers. Our eco-friendly initiatives include recyclable and biodegradable prescription bags, tablet cartons and medical bottles. MediP Brand of Med Trays are UK manufactured from 100% recycled materials. MediP Seals are uniquely manufactured, silicon-free, and fully biodegradable.
At MediP, we're not just delivering supplies; we're providing a comprehensive, responsible, and client-focused healthcare solution. 

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